Head Above The Clouds Podcast Series 1

Introduction to Head Above The Clouds

Welcome to Head Above The Clouds, Episode 1 with Founder Alice Gee and Director Jade Poultney. Episode 1 introduces you to who we are, how we began and all that we do. Recorded before the first pandemic we look back at the past few years, our mental health and all we were looking forward to.

Episode 1: Tom Allen

For our very first episode we are joined by the one and only comedy legend Tom Allen. With appearances on Live At The Apollo, The Last Leg and Mock The Week, Tom is well know as a household comedy name. In the episode we got the chance to sit down with Tom talking everything from his childhood anxieties to his new book 'No Shame'.

(Recorded Socially Distanced)

Episode 2: The Basics Of Grounding

Welcome to our very first grounding episode where we will focus on grounding ourselves for a bit of tranquility taking you away from the stresses of day to day life. 

Sometime when you find yourself beginning to feel anxious, you aren't always in a space or time where you can take out 20 minutes to ground yourself or meditate. We don't know about you, but we've struggled to find many exercises that are short enough to fit in between daily routines or spaces. We've definitely been in for example social spaces or perhaps meetings where it's not easy or can feel unsubtle to take 20 minutes to find a calm space. These exercises are designed to be thorough but short enough to fit into ten minutes. 

So, try and find a comfortable position before joining us for for our very first episode teaching you the basics of grounding with our very own Alice Gee.

Episode 3: Fickle Friends Natti Shiner

Welcome back to our second episode with this weeks guest Natti Shiner, lead singer and songwriter of Fickle Friends. Over the past 6 years Fickle Friends have dominated the Indie charts with their hits Swim, Glue and Pretty Great. The group have been no strangers to top festivals including Reading and Leeds, and Latitude. This week we speak about what's in store for Fickle Friends post covid, Natti's mental health journey and the effects the pandemic has had on the music industry.

Episode 4: Soothing Self Talk

This week our second grounding episode will be focusing on grounding ourselves using self soothing techniques.

The episode is specifically aimed to help you take a moment and to feel present. We will be practicing soothing self talk that you'll be able to do no matter where you are, either out loud or to yourself. At times when the your world feels like it's imploding, as silly as it may sound, sometimes all it takes is a moment of reassurance telling yourself you are and will be ok. In this episode, we've put together basic grounding techniques, as heard in the first episode alongside self assuring statements where you will convince your body you are in control. By doing this you will start to feel your body relax and respond, ultimately feeling calmer and present.

So, try and find a comfortable position before joining us for for our second episode showing you the benefits of self soothing.

Episode 5: Jones

This week we are joined by East London based singer-songwriter JONES. Her super soulful voice was first discovered throughout her critically acclaimed debut album ‘New Skin’ which has amassed over 20 million streams and found fans in Sam Smith and Jools Holland.Her latest single "Camera Flash" is out now which you can listen to here:

We got to chat to her about how she life hacked her way into the Music Industry, her life long experience with Mental Illness and some cool new anxiety and stress relief techniques she's taken up over lockdown. If you want to follow what's she's been getting up to you can on 

And don't forget to follow us @HATCMedia for all the Pod updates as well an exciting new announcement about our latest project!

Episode 6: Mindful Body Scan

This week our grounding episode will be focusing on grounding ourselves using self soothing techniques.

Welcome to week three of our grounding exercises.

This week we are focusing on grounding yourself using a well known technique called a 'body scan'. We will be learning to ground ourselves by focusing on the body and what we are feeling in each region. It may sound an odd practice checking in with parts of your body as you may think there is no being or feeling in those areas but as you check in you'll start to learn of regions that are unsettled, with tension and more and how best to change these feelings. By doing this you will start to feel your body relax and respond, ultimately feeling calmer and present.

Try and find a comfortable position before joining us for for our third grounding episode.

Episode 7: Steven Caulker

This week we are joined by international footballer Steven Caulker. Steven started his professional career at Tottenham Hotspur in 2009 and since played for Swansea, Queens Park Rangers and our Jades club Liverpool before joining the Turkish Super Lig in 2018. We got to have a really frank and honest talk about his past issues with addiction and gambling, his desire to help people get out of these incredibly difficult situations and how mental illness is treated in the world of Football.

If you have been affected by anything we discussed in today's episode, or want to learn more about addiction and what support is available you can click the link below.


Episode 8: Relaxing Safe Place

It's week four of our grounding episodes! 

This time we are going to be grounding ourselves using a technique that will help you imagine a safe place. This safe place that we will create, will in essence be somewhere new or somewhere you don't regularly physically visit. This means that it will be safe from memories and it will be a place you can visit at any time. So find yourself a quiet environment and come and join us to find your relaxing safe place.

Episode 9: Mick Waters

We are joined by Mick Waters the previous Director of Curriculum at The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). Mick has a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes education and how we should educating the next generation. We talk the importance of pastoral care, balance and importance of exams and how we need to improve the curriculum for children and their mental health.

Will Pike

Will Pike is a presenter, speaker, writer and disability rights campaigner.

Wills known is know for  the podcast documentary, Spinal Injury: A Life Changing Crisis, and has been a guest on multiple shows including good morning Britain and Victoria Derbyshire.

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